No Regrets*

Everyone say I’m pretty, everyone say I’m handsome, Robbie sings.  I’m listening to In And Out Of Consciousness.  Still have headache.  Miss The Office.  Hope they are getting on OK without me…

Cleaner has been, so flat is clean.  And tidy.  The drawer of swimwear-gym-clothes-nightwear remains untidied.  Ah well.  Tomorrow is another day.

Push self quite hard at training today:

Want to look good in my bikinis, after all.  Thinking about supper and Holiday.  Starting to get anxious about Work next week.  

On the plus side:

  1. Dolly tomorrow for giant fluffy cuddles.
  2. Then Zoo with Mum.
  3. We will meet the baby Aye-Aye, Malcolm.
  4. And see how the Tiger cubs are doing.
  5. Have plenty of yarn left.
  6. What if needles break in the hold though…
  7. It is a gorgeous sunny day.
  8. Speak to a human chum today.
  9. “I’d like you to see another human who you don’t have to pay for their company,” Mum says.
  10. So seeing Suzy tomorrow.
  11. Am going to have an Early Night.
  12. After supper.
  13. And knitting.
  14. And Born To Kill?

Happy Monday everyone!
*1998.  By Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers.  Released as a single and on the album I’ve Been Expecting You.  The song is about Robbie’s feelings in and departure from the band Take That.  It reached number 4 in the U.K. Singles Chart.

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