1. Up early to walk Gandalf at 8.45am.  Here we are:
  2. Suzy and her Mum and my Mum meet me at the Bookshop.
  3. Put some photos up on the Bookshop’s Instagram.
  4. We go out for lunch.
  5. Go to my quiet place to watch the stream and Samuel Whiskers is there, dead:
  6. Think Mum is coming back to the Bookshop for a coffee with another friend.
  7. Had better crack on with some Important Work.
  8. Am making progress with the Coffee Machine.
  9. And the Till.
  10. There have been plenty of customers.
  11. Buy Weatherland by Alexandra Harris.
  12. And The Trainable Cat by John Bradshaw.
  13. The fluffy monster seems OK today.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2015.  By Alexandra Harris.  Writers and artists under English skies.  Non-fiction.

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