(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman*

It’s another beautiful day.  Am back at the flat, lying on my bed, listening to The Kinks, looking out of the window.  Lily and Suzy are coming round for a bit at 6.30pm.  It’s 5.18pm now.

In the spare room, suitcase and the-beginnings-of-Packing are on the bed.  Need to decide on Colour Scheme for holiday.  So far it is: orange, gold, bronze, purple, yellow, turquoise, navy, pink and silver.  Oh, and green.  That is too many colours already.  Need to choose colours that match the clothes and swimwear and then can pack the correct fit-flops.  Have new orange cork-bottomed platforms for if we go somewhere dressy.  

Will take a couple of long dresses for Seder, synagogue and so on.  And some beach dresses.  

Must not forget:

  1. Hat.
  2. Sunglasses: two pairs.
  3. Sun cream.
  4. Ten different types of pills.
  5. Phone chargers.
  6. Night cream.
  7. Eyebrow gel.
  8. Make-up.
  9. Contact lenses and all their paraphernalia.
  10. Handbags: yellow and green fabric one for day and new one for Going Out.
  11. Gym pouch.
  12. Gym clothes: tiny shorts.
  13. Sleepwear.
  14. Light dressing gown.
  15. Watch.
  16. Jewellery.
  17. A couple of pairs of Fit Boutique leggings.
  18. Fluorescent sportswear.
  19. Brother has a car, Jane Honda, so maybe he will take me to gym.
  20. Will not be training on the beach with him: it will be too hot.  Probably.
  21. Knitting.
  22. Spare Knitting needles and spare wool which Mum has rolled into proper balls.
  23. Must find out if they have Robinsons No Added Sugar lemon squash there.
  24. External phone battery and its charger.
  25. Plug adapting devices.
  26. A couple of pairs of Smart Trousers.
  27. The Holiday Book Pile is taking up most of the fluffy monster’s bedroom at the moment.
  28. Must read Blood Meridian when arrive as have promised New Chap that will read it.
  29. Brother has it, in Abroad.

Anyway, the attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.  Here is graph:

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1979.  Single by The Kinks from the album Low Budget.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.

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