People Take Pictures Of Each Other*

It is windy at the beach so selfies don’t come out too well.  Here they are anyway:

Teenage girls on the beach take pictures of each other in their mismatched bikini tops and bottoms.  This seems to be A Thing at the moment: black bikini bottoms with patterned tops in various colours.  

Here is a photo of some of Lunch.  It is very windy at lunchtime and sand blows into our food.

After lunch we walk along the promenade.  Then Swim in the sea with Dad for a bit.  It’s cold as we enter the water, but once we’re in it’s fine.  It feels good to be swimming.  Mum and brother wait for us on the shore.  We probably swim for about twenty minutes.

Back at the house, I have a small sleep.  Have started reading Blood Meridian on the urging of my New Chap:

 So far, almost a hundred pages in, it’s bloodthirsty and full of fighting.  The writing is wonderful and am enjoying it, but all the killing puts me off my lemon squash and coffee, so need frequent breaks.

Last night we train at the beach with brother’s trainer.  She is impressed with my persistence, strength and fitness and keeps telling me that am amazing, which is nice.  Transverse abs hurt today from an abs drill with a skateboard.  Also there are battle ropes, kettlebells, weighted balls and so on.  Is fun to train at the beach in the evening.  Inner thighs also hurt from the sumo squats holding the kettlebell.  Do various “super sets” of pistol squats, battle ropes, throwing the 10kg weighted ball at the ground, lifting it and so on.

Tomorrow we will go to the gym at nine o’clock in the morning.  Can hear Mum and brother clattering around in the kitchen.

Tummy has been Bad today but is feeling a bit better now.  Soon it will be suppertime – I hope.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1968.   Song by The Kinks.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.  The final track on the album The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society.


  1. L. Rorschach · April 13, 2017

    You’re looking gorgeous and relaxed. The windblown look suits you. šŸ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

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