The Corpse In The Cactus*

Am lying in bed thinking about improvements have made in my life since this time last year whilst eating a yoghurt and drinking coffee.

Fall over outside Art Museum this morning and now have grazes all down right leg but am being Brave and Inspirational about the pain.  So much for legs healing up – leg looks like the victim of a tiger attack – there seem to be claw marks all the way down shin.  Ouch.

  1. This time last year was drinking alcohol starting at 11am and continuing all day till bedtime.  Now have stopped drinking and have been sober since 30th August.  Am really proud of self about this. 
  2. Have lost about a stone since stopping drinking.
  3. This time last year was depressed and so far mood remains up, so that’s good.
  4. Can now Knit, that is a new skill that have learnt this year.
  5. And have started earning actual money from dogwalking.
  6. And have Pet First Aid Certificate.
  7. Have landed New Job in the Bookshop and am getting to grips with it.
  8. Have made progress with strength and fitness.
  9. About to do an eight hour Spin ride – well, four hours of it anyway.
  10. Have met a New Chap who I like.
  11. Have been enjoying writing poetry for the first time in many years.
  12. Have made some new friends this year and am getting out a bit more.

The attached photo is a flowering cactus outside the Art Museum.  The above photos are the cacti and bougainvillea there, around the scene of my Severe Accident in the gravel.

Can hear Mum clattering about in the kitchen.  Am going to post this, finish my coffee and then have a wash.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2015.  By Lonni Lees.  Book 2 in the Detective Maggie Reardon mystery series set in Tucson, Arizona.


  1. Grace_CK_Willingham · April 16, 2017

    Beautiful photos and very inspirational progress in this journey through life!

    Liked by 1 person

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