The Mystery Of The Kidnapped Whale*

The wind roars in the trees.  It’s 5.11pm and have just awoken from a short afternoon sleep.  Am sipping my coffee in bed.  It’s been a beautiful warm sunny day and the sun is still shining outside.

Push myself hard in the gym today: despite leg injury.  Achieve four sets of everything: chest press with bar, triceps lifts with barbell, pulley, kinetic shoulder press, other kinetic press, lots of abs exercises with 10kg ball.  

Here is photo with brother’s trainer and there is another one attached:

After the gym, we pick up the parents and head to the beach to swim.  Mum takes these photos of me in my Marks and Spencer bikini:

Swim around the bay with brother for a bit.  It feels good to be swimming in the sea, if a bit cold.  We see this mural outside a fish restaurant at the beach:

Back at the house, Dad takes this photo of the rest of us:

The best thing in it is the frosted glass side of the house, but never mind.  “It’s too sunny to see the camera properly,” Dad says.  We have lunch outside on the terrace and then I have a sleep.

Here is a photo of bikini taken inside the house but unfortunately the lighting is not good.

Must have a shower now as am itchy from not-having-washed-off-the-sea-water.  Passover is finishing this evening so we are going out to dinner to eat bread and so on.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1983.  By Marc Brandel.  Book 35 in The Three Investigators Mystery series for young adults.  The three young detectives, attempting to rescue a beached whale, end up searching for sunken treasure.


  1. L. Rorschach · April 17, 2017

    Great photos! Love your bikini… and, wow, you have a gorgeous view from the patio.

    Liked by 1 person

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