The Thistle And The Rose*

So I just wrote a great long post and somehow WordPress lost it.  Anyway: am going to try again.

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Push self hard at gym.  See attached photo – if it has attached and also this one:
  2. Get taxi home from gym on own.  So proud of self about this.
  3. Take some photos in the wadi:

  4. You can see my Severe Leg Injury from the other day at the Art Museum.  At least it’s healing up anyway.
  5. My cousin comes for lunch and we go to a restaurant.
  6. Have a small sleep.
  7. Write earlier version of this blog which gets lost in the ether.
  8. Book Spin classes for Friday and Sunday as it’s the Eight Hour Spinathon on Saturday.
  9. Must return to gym tomorrow to train as Thursday will be airports, flying and so on all day.
  10. Will be so sad to leave here and brother.
  11. But soon will see the fluffy monster and cuddle him all over.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1963.  By Jean Plaidy.  Historical novel about Princess Margaret Tudor.

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