Star Of The Sea*

Last day of holiday so need to post this blog, maybe take a last stroll around the neighbourhood and then pack.  Ugh.

The air-conditioning unit rumbles.  It’s 4.27pm and have just woken up from my afternoon sleep.  It’s still sunny outside.

Up at 7am or so and then gym 10am to 11am: see photo at the top of this post for gym outfit which includes new Under Armour sports bra.  Manage four sets of everything: chest bar, triceps, high press, low press, pulley, some other kinetic machines, lat pull down.

Then we drive to the beach and wear my Matthew Williamson yellow bikini.  Mum takes a couple of photos:

See also attached photo.  Swim in the sea with brother for a bit.  It is a wonderful turquoise colour in the bright sunshine. Will miss swimming in the sea once am home.  Will also miss brother and the fantastic food here and the brilliant house that we’re staying in.

Things To Look Forward To At Home:

  1. Another election (why?) on June 8th.
  2. Weeks of campaigning prior to this.
  3. Cuddling my fluffy monster.
  4. Spinathon on Saturday.
  5. Queens whenever that is – at least it’s not on the day of the election.
  6. Spin on Friday and Sunday.
  7. Book group about The Sheltering Sky, which I love.
  8. Seeing Dolly on Tuesday.
  9. Returning to work at the Book Shop.
  10. Trying to improve at my New Job.
  11. Spring and, eventually, Springwatch.
  12. Spending the odd day at my flat.
  13. Watching Midsomer Murders and Knitting.
  14. Showing off my tan.
  15. New Daycare dog client coming in May.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2004.  By Joseph O’Connor.  Historical novel.

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