The Adventure Of Wisteria Lodge*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up at nine o’clock just before the alarm.  Can’t get to sleep for ages last night so need the rare lie-in.
  2. Walk to Dolly’s – 75 minutes or so – wearing coat, leggings, boots and gloves.  It’s freezing!
  3. She is So Happy to see me after my two weeks away from her.
  4. It’s cold but sunny for our walk.  Show you:
  5. We see this Mini:
  6. And this horse chestnut tree with pink flowers:
  7. Have just booked to do the Schwinn Cycling Bronze Certificate so can be a Spin Instructor!  It’s 2nd – 3rd July.  Excited!
  8. Listening to Various Positions and thinking about what to make for supper.
  9. Probably The Omelette.
  10. Chat to the decorators who are painting the outside of the building.  Say “I hope you don’t mind Leonard Cohen.”
  11. “I prefer Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen,” the older one says.  He is holding the ladder.
  12. “What about The Kinks?” I say.
  13. “Oh, I like them,” he says.
  14. This is excellent as my CDs of The Kinks are on their way from my Uncle in Abroad.  So soon can play them to the decorators.
  15. Am So So Excited about my Schwinn Cycling Course.
  16. Seeing psychologist tomorrow. Can see her locally again, now that don’t have to work at the Book Shop on Wednesdays.
  17. Have chats with MadFatRunner and Hannah, which is nice.
  18. The wisteria photo is a house on the way to Dolly’s home.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1908.  By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Sherlock Holmes detective story that appears in the collection His Last Bow.  Was originally published in the Strand magazine as “A Reminiscence Of Mr Sherlock Holmes.”

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