Phenomenal Cat*

It’s 6.33pm.  Have achieved a successful afternoon sleep.  Am back at the parental home.  Look what has arrived – all these CDs of The Kinks from my Uncle in Abroad:

See this ceanothus on my forty minute walk to see my psychologist this morning:

She is pleased with me about signing up for the Spin Instructor course and is also pleased that mood remains up, and that enjoyed holiday.

The fluffy monster is sleeping in the playroom.  The parentals are watching Homeland.

When am waiting for the train here at about 2pm there is a hailstorm!  Get soaked.

Soon it will be suppertime.  Next task is to book flights to see New Chap.  Am excited about this.

There are a few good things happening at the moment: it’s proper Spring now, I have a New Chap who is looking forward to seeing me, I’m reunited with my fluffy monster.  Feel cheerful about the immediate future.  

May even achieve a bath before supper.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1968.  Song by The Kinks.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.  Appears on the album The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society.

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