Mindless Child Of Motherhood*

So, it seems that I have some Work to do if I’m going to pass the Spin Instructor Course.  The Master says I need to:

  1. Put my resistance down.
  2. Push my pace up – keeping to the instructor’s pace.
  3. Work on my posture.
  4. Develop a “balanced” personality.

“Does he know what’s wrong with you?” Mum says when I tell her this. We’re in the framing shop, picking up my now-framed Pet First Aid Certificate.

“Yes,” I say, gazing at my Certificate.  Well done me.  “He does, but I need to do less jumping up and down and squealing and singing along and more…”

“Did he say he’ll give you a job?” Mum says.  “When you’ve passed the course and…”

“I need to concentrate on passing the course first,” I say, as we enter the greengrocer to pick up some English Asparagus – yay.  “And balance my personality and…”

“How are you meant to do that?” Mum says, picking up some broccoli and mushrooms and placing them in the basket.  “That sounds like a job for your psychologist, if you ask me.”

So, Project Balance begins from Now.  Whilst we work on that, here’s a photo of the fluffy monster from last night:

Isn’t he the most beautiful person in the world.

In Exciting News, have booked my flights to see New Chap.  Am going 25th to 30th May: to Abroad.  Alone.  Can’t wait!

Listening to The Kinks.  Will have a bath in a bit.

The attached photo is from this morning’s Spin class with my lovely instructor.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1969.  Song by The Kinks.  Written by Dave Davies.  Appears on the studio album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire).

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