Paper Thin Hotel*

It’s 5.02pm.  My cousin and his electrician have just visited to fix the bathroom lights which have died due to water leaking from the flat above.  They change one transformer and will do the others tomorrow morning at eleven o’clock, so must wake up early and be back from gym by then.

Push self hard at gym this morning.  It’s a struggle to make it out of the house in the freezing gloom and rain, and after Not Enough Sleep: wake up at 6.05am after a night of Bad Dreams.  So even getting to the gym is an achievement.  Shouldn’t have to wear coat and gloves in May!

Here is gym outfit:

See this beautiful laburnum on the way home from gym:

Thinking about supper and Early Night: miss my afternoon sleep due to the electrician excitement, although manage a Body Scan.

Am listening to Leonard Cohen’s Death Of A Ladies’ Man, which I rarely listen to.  Am enjoying it.  Also drinking lemon squash.

The attached photo is at the gym this morning.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1977.  Song by Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector from the album Death Of A Ladies’ Man.

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