Love Me Till The Sun Shines*

Up early to walk to Dolly’s: one hour and fifteen minutes.  See this on the way:

Listen to The Kinks on my walk.  The sun doesn’t shine though.  It’s still eleven degrees and am shivering in my coat.

Have lovely walk with Dolly and cuddle her.  Here we are:

She’s such a lovely fluffy person.

Catch the train back to parentals and Dad picks me up and we have lunch: toasted cheese and avocado sandwiches with salad.

Have afternoon sleep at parentals.  Now have to have bisphosphonate implant.  Argh.  Hope it isn’t too painful.

We have just given the fluffy monster his pill.  He’s such a good boy: lets me open his mouth whilst Mum drops the pill in.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1967.   Song by The Kinks.  B side of Death Of A Clown.  Written by Dave Davies.  Produced by Shel Talmy.  Appears on the album Something Else By The Kinks.

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