You Can’t Stop The Music*

Wake up early to walk to psychologist.  She is pleased with me about:

  1. Mood remaining up.
  2. Upcoming trip to Abroad.
  3. My Bravery in the face of horrible medical procedures: bisphonate implant coming on Friday and port insertion coming on 5th June.  This is a big procedure with general anaesthetic (yay) and ten day recovery period at least.  Hopefully it won’t get infected but things often do.  Hope that Mum will help me walk Gandalf and really hope that will be OK to walk Dolly.
  4. My knitting which is coming along well.
  5. My success in attending School Reunion.
  6. My upcoming Schwinn Cycling Training Course.
  7. And audition after that at my gym to teach Spin there.

Walk home from psychologist, make lunch, watch Hitler vs Churchill: The Eagle And The Lion and an episode of Nurses Who Kill.

Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep and speak to MadFatRunner and another chum.

Here is my tulip looking good:

Here is Lola my lemur looking beautiful:

The attached photo is my acer.

It’s a sunny day and the magpie has eaten all my bird food.  There is at least one great tit and, I think, a nesting pair of blue tits who visit often.  Hope they’re nesting in the boxes here and that there will be chicks.

Watch The Joy Of ABBA this morning before setting off for psychiatrist and have a brief chat with brother in Abroad who says that he has sent presents!  Excited!

Hannah has ordered me Laurent Binet’s new novel.  Yay.  Love him and his writing.  Saw him speak at Jewish Book Week about HHhH a couple of years ago and he was lovely and gorgeous and obviously a rising star.

It’s a sunny but cold evening.  Am listening to The Kinks and drinking fizzy water and thinking about supper.  

See my trainer tomorrow at 12.30pm so will watch King Charles III in the morning which am recording tonight.  Also recording Born To Kill?: Class Of Evil.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
1975.  Song by The Kinks from the album Soap Opera.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.  Released as a single but didn’t chart (why?  It’s brilliant).

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