Something Better Beginning*

It’s 6.28pm.  Mum has just woken me up from afternoon sleep and we’ve given the fluffy monster his pill.  He’s such a good boy.

Very sleepy.  Bisphosphonate implant Injection hurts this morning and it’s a sort of chemotherapy so can expect to feel unwell from it.  Which am feeling now.  Although maybe that’s psychosomatic now I know it’s chemotherapy.  Have to take calcium and Vitamin D tablets with it.

Must feel better tomorrow as have Spin, Gandalf then Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? with Parentals, Aunty and Uncle for Birthday.  Birthday is on Monday.

Push self hard at gym this morning: four sets of everything.  Well done me.

On the plus side: there has been some rain and now it’s sunny with blue skies.

Now am drinking coffee and listening to The Kinks.  Soon will have to haul self out of bed for supper. 

Gym outfit in the photos.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1965.  Song by The Kinks.  Written and produced by Ray Davies.  Appears on the album Kinda Kinks.

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