Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Work as hard as possible at Spin but not feeling well after yesterday’s procedure.
  2. Here is photo:
  3. Here is graph:
  4. Walk darling Gandalf.  You can see him in the attached photo.  Here are some more photos of him and the two of us together:
  5. Love that boy.   He’s such an amazing person.
  6. Rush into town with parentals to meet aunt and uncle for theatre.
  7. We see Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.
  8. Quite enjoy the play but it seems a bit too long and can’t see or hear properly due to being in Dress Circle.
  9. Am uncomfortable sitting for so long and am a bit grumpy with parentals on way home.
  10. Give the fluffy monster his pill.  He’s such a good a boy.  He just swallows it.
  11. Now it is nearly suppertime.
  12. We are having Asparagus that Mum’s friend grew in her garden.  Am excited about it.
  13. Then hopefully early night.
  14. Have found out what is causing my headaches: it’s the letrazole – the aromatase inhibitor.  But have to keep taking it so will just take Nurofen I suppose.
  15. It is sunny and the sky is blue.
  16. Am listening to The Kinks.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*1962.  Play by Edward Albee.

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