Here Comes The Rain Again*

It’s 5.21pm.  Have just done my Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep as tummy is bad: MadFatRunner says it’s the calcium pills.  

Make it to gym and lift all my weights.  Then meet a chum for lunch in town.  Can’t remember the last time I met a friend for lunch so am pleased with self.

The Rattigan play we saw last night – Love In Idleness – is excellent.  Do catch it if you can – it’s at the Apollo Theatre.  Great acting and beautiful set and costumes.  Highly recommended.  Eve Best and Anthony Head are great, as are the actors playing the young people.

Return to the flat about four o’clock and have been resting in bed since then.  It’s been raining all day and can hear it pattering against the windows even now.  We need the rain but it’s annoying walking around in it although at least remember umbrella.

Pleased with self for making it out of the house but very tired now.  Need to unload dishwasher.  Then will watch The Durrells whilst knitting and have an early night.  Have been listening to Leonard Cohen’s Ten New Songs.

The attached photos are today’s gym outfit.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1984.  Song by Eurythmics.  Written by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart.  Produced by David A. Stewart.  Released as a Single and hit Number 8 in the UK Singles Charts and Number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA.  Appears on the album Touch.

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