Rip Her To Shreds*

It’s hot at Spin this morning and feel that am working hard but it’s tough.  Here is graph:

Keep up to speed as much as possible and keep resistance low.  Am relieved that have delayed Instructor Course…

The attached photo is Spin outfit with The Boss.

My chum is there who haven’t seen for ages and she gives me a lift home.  Here is the black elder at the farm:

Andy Murray plays Juan Martin Del Potro and beats him in straight sets, so that’s good.  Then Gael Monfils and Richard Gasquet come out to start their match but they don’t even complete a set before it starts raining.

Am writing this in bed and have asked parentals to call me if play resumes.

My Uncle in Abroad sent this which arrived this morning: Blondie: The Very Best Of 1975 – 82:

Am listening to it as I write this.

Another Uncle comes round for lunch and we sit in the garden: it’s warm and sunny.  The fluffy monster saunters across the garden and disappears into the hedge.  He is probably resting in the shade under a bush somewhere now.

It’s 5.35pm.  My fan is on to cool down the room a bit.

It turns out that my operation on Monday is more major than had realised.  They have to make a hole in my arm and then thread a cannula into a vein that goes to my heart.  

Mum will walk Dolly with me on Tuesday: speak to her owner this morning about parking there.  Hope don’t feel too awful on Tuesday.

Anyway, KBO…

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1976.  Song by Blondie.  Written by Deborah Harry and Chris Stein.  Produced by Richard Gottehrer.  Appears on the band’s 1976 debut album Blondie and released as a single in 1977.  It didn’t chart except in Australia where it reached number 81.

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