My Monster*

Have injured my left shoulder, probably in my sleep by trying not to lie on the port.  Anyway: shoulder hurts and impedes my progress at Spin.  Here is graph:

Don’t know why it says it’s Friday when it’s today but never mind.

See psychiatrist and he is pleased that mood remains up which means that new drug combination – lurasidone plus venlafaxine – is working.  So that’s good.  This is the longest period of mood stability that have experienced since was 19.

Do Body Scan Meditation in bed but can’t sleep.  Will have an early night tonight.

Am lying on a cushion on the grass and the fluffy monster has just walked past me.  Dad is watering the flowers and Mum is reading The Times.

Am drinking iced coffee and lemon squash with fizzy water.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

A collared dove just landed on the bird table but has flown away already.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2017.  Song by Blondie from the album Pollinator.


  1. L. Rorschach · June 10, 2017

    Fabulous news that the mood-stabilizing drug combination works so well for you. ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

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