One Way Or Another*

So, Rafael Nadal has just won his tenth French Open title.  This is wonderful.  He beat Stan Wawrinka in straight sets 6 – 2, 6 – 3, 6 – 1.  

After that excitement have gone back to bed to write this and to listen to Blondie: The Very Best Of 1975 – 82 which my uncle sent from Abroad.

Do what I can at Spin this morning.  Am still not on top form but shoulder isn’t as bad as it was.

Here is graph:

In exciting news: Mum has grown an artichoke.  Look:

Hopefully he will grow into a great big person and then we can eat him.

We see four red kites circling above us at the farm this morning.

Have a cuddle with my fluffy monster this morning.  He is so cuddly and soft.  Love him.

Am back at the flat now and soon it will be supper time.  Am enjoying Elizabeth Jane Howard: A Dangerous Innocence by Artemis Cooper, although it pales in comparison to Elizabeth Jane Howard’s autobiography Slipstream which is just wonderful.

It is sunny out there.  Let’s hope the weather remains warm and sunny for my walk with Dolly on Tuesday.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*1978.  Song by Blondie from the album Parallel Lines.

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