This Must Be The Place*

Sitting up in bed writing this.  It’s 4.28pm.  Have been sleeping and after this am going to read something.  Finished the Elizabeth Jane Howard biography last night.  The new Maggie O’Farrell This Must Be The Place is sitting on bookshelf so will read that.

Mood is teetering on the edge of normal and low so am doing what I can to make sure it doesn’t crash.  If indeed can do anything.

Attend gym this morning and do all the different weights that can do with just legs.  Then walk to meet a chum who haven’t seen for ages.  Is great to see her.  Then walk home.

Here is gym outfit:

You can also see gym outfit in the attached photo.

Do my Body Scan Meditation and have a small sleep.

The leaves outside rustle in the breeze.

Tomorrow am walking Dolly.  Fingers crossed for good weather.  Am looking forward to seeing her and cuddling her.

Happy Monday everyone!
*2016.  By Maggie O’Farrell.  Novel.

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