Living In The Real World*

My mood still isn’t quite right.  And yet am not depressed.  There are some indicators of depression:

  1. Reluctance to talk on the phone.
  2. A feeling of heaviness and sadness.
  3. Crying.
  4. Spending hours and hours reading.

And yet, the crucial thing is that am not waking up in the morning feeling hopeless, which is what happens when mood is low.  Also: was able to chat to Dolly’s owner yesterday.  Was able to enjoy my walk with Dolly.  Also, lift my weights at the gym without a struggle today: when mood is low my strength declines dramatically.

So, am not sure exactly what is going on.  Maybe am still recovering from operation.  Or maybe drug combination is stopping mood dropping any further.

Have just achieved Body Scan Meditation and sleep and am feeling a bit better.

Will see trainer tomorrow and then will return to my parentals and fluffy monster.  Can’t wait to cuddle him.

Attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1979.  Song by Blondie from the album Eat To The Beat.

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