One Hot Murder*

Try to push self at Spin but the panther lies on the floor next to me and drags my feet down with his teeth.  Here is graph:

After Spin, we drive to the hospital to pick up a prescription for 37.5mg tablets of venlafaxine.  Dr Stein says that am allowed to raise the dose of my antidepressant but only by a small amount.  So need these little tablets.  Take one, but it may well be weeks before they start to work.

Am sitting up in bed writing this.  The panther lies next to me.  He rests his huge head in my lap.  It is very heavy.  I stroke the soft fur on the back of his neck.

The fluffy monster is not well.  He has cystitis and also he’s off his food.  This is bad as he won’t drink water unless its sprinkled on his food and he needs to drink to cure the cystitis.  We are concerned about him.  Poor fluffy monster.

Am going to wash my hair soon.  Do Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep: it’s too hot.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2013.  By Lorraine Bartlett.  A Victoria Square mystery novel, book 3.

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