Deadly Heat*

“I’m going for a walk round the block,” I say to Mum.

“Drop a card in at that house with the Samoyed then,” Mum says, chopping lettuce to go in a salad.

“Will do,” I say.

Here is one of my cards:

The walk is tough.  My legs feel so heavy: the panther leans against me, slowing me down.  It’s a huge struggle just to walk round the block, but drop a card in the Samoyed’s letterbox.

It’s very hot today.  Try to push self at Spin but the panther sprawls across my lap, slowing me down.  Here is graph:

Am glad that have delayed Instructor Course, there’s no way that would be ready for it at the beginning of July.

Have been sleeping all afternoon.  Am not feeling well.  Think am dehydrated so am drinking lemon squash.  At 5.47pm it’s still Very Hot.

On the plus side: the fluffy monster is feeling better and has been eating.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone.
*2013.  By Richard Castle.  A Nikki Heat murder mystery novel, book 5.

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  1. Bridey · June 20, 2017

    I see you’ve posted your e-mail address and phone numbers online.

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