Two Sets To Murder*

Have been sleeping.  Now am collapsed with the panther in the nest in front of the television.  He rests his huge head on my thighs and I stroke the soft back of his neck.  

We are watching the action from Queens.  Kyle Edmund is about to come on court.  So, on the plus side it’s the grass court season at last.

At Spin this morning the panther drapes himself over my shoulders so can’t push self.  Can’t keep speed or strength up.  Here is graph:

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Need to unload the dishwasher and have a bath.  Hopefully soon they will stop talking and there will be some tennis.

It is very hot.  Am feeling quite sick: maybe am dehydrated.  Must have some more water.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1963.  By Ludovic Peters.  Tennis murder novel.

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