You Know Who I Am*

Am sitting up in bed at the flat, drinking lemon squash and listening to Leonard Cohen.  The panther sits on the windowsill, gazing out into the garden.  It’s sunny and my geraniums and hydrangeas are still alive, which is good.

This morning I walk this person, Archie the Cockapoo:

He is a lovely, soft person and gets excited about his walk in the park and then collapses, exhausted, when we return to his house.

Dad drives me back to the flat and I make a toasted avocado and halloumi sandwich and eat it in front of Born To Kill?.  Am sad that the Swimming is finished.  Think that some Athletics is starting soon.

Things To Do:

  1. Unpack suitcase.
  2. Have bath.
  3. Make The Omelette.
  4. Paint nails.

Have just had a chat with MadFatRunner which is good.  Am seeing her on Wednesday which is exciting.  Maybe will call her back for telephonic support with unpacking suitcase…

Seeing Hannah later this evening for the first time in about six months.

The attached photo is Archie in the park today.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1969.  Song by Leonard Cohen.  Appears on the album Songs From A Room.

The Swimming Pool*

Somehow manage to arrive at Spin late – the start time of the class has changed from 9.45am to 9.30am without me noticing.  Anyway: clamber onto my bike and work hard.  Here is graph:

Then Mum takes me to the park that will need to walk to and around tomorrow with New Cockerpoo client.  So know where that is now.  Get anxious when have to go to new places, so this dry run is crucial.

Have just been sitting in the garden with Mum and the fluffy monster.  Here he is:

Love my fluffy monster so much.  He is such a wonderful person.

Now am watching the last evening of the Swimming with Mum.  Well, Mum is reading The Sunday Times but at least she’s sitting with me.  The panther lies on the floor at my feet, his amber eyes glued to the screen.  The tip of his tail twitches from time to time.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Ooohhhh here is Camille Lacourt for the 50m backstroke final.  Ahhhh he wins his third World Championship Title in a row.  Now he’s going to retire, aged 32, to run a night club and concentrate on his modelling.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2011.  By Holly LeCraw.  Mystery novel.

Summer House With Swimming Pool*

It’s been raining All Day.  The fluffy monster is inside: at least he’s not drowning outside.  Here he is.  He’s upside-down with his head in the bottom left corner of the photo:

Am watching the swimming with the parentals and the panther.  The panther lies on the fluffy monster’s pink chair with his face right up against the screen: amber eyes wide.  We’ve just had the huge excitement of one of my favourites, the French swimmer Camille Lacourt, winning his heat in the 50m backstroke.  Here he is:

He’s not just gorgeous, he’s a fantastic swimmer too.

“What a boring thing to do, going up and down a swimming pool,” Mum says.  Mum doesn’t really understand swimming…

Push self hard this morning at Spin.  Here is graph:

Then we have a barbecue for Dad’s birthday.  Dad stands under an umbrella with the barbecue as the rain pelts down.  We eat inside.

Do Body Scan and sleep for ages.  Now am under my blanket on the sofa: it’s cold as well as raining.  Am drinking lemon squash and also iced coffee.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2011.  By Herman Koch.  Swimming pool Murder novel.

This Is The Water*

My first Spin class back after almost two weeks off is tough.  Show you graph:

My shoulder hurts a bit for the first time in a while – maybe due to training yesterday.  Spin outfit is in the attached photo.

I have not one but two new clients!  Here is my Labrador one:

He’s thirteen and a half.  A reader tells me that his colour is in fact Fox Red, and not Red Fox as I wrote yesterday.  So now you know…

Have lunch, Body Scan Meditation and a sleep.  Mum wakes me up as we have to meet New Client 2.

Here he is:

He’s a Cockerpoo and his fur is so soft.  Am walking him for the first time on Monday and am looking forward to that.  He’s a lovely boy and just eleven months old.

It’s 6.05pm and am watching the World Swimming Championships with the panther.  Let’s see whether Ross Murdoch can get a medal in the 200m Breaststroke.  The panther likes watching swimming: maybe he thinks it’s fish gliding through the water.  Oh no!  Ross just misses out on a medal, finishing in fourth.
Can smell mushrooms frying in the kitchen.  Mum is making me a mushroom Omelette.  As I switch to the Red Button – the swimming coverage has moved there – I hear the sound of the radio issuing from the kitchen.

Am so tired but am pleased with today’s achievements: Spin plus two new clients.  Am huddled under my blanket as the weather has turned cold again.

Mum has just come to sit with me.  Love my Mum.

Happy Friday everyone!
*2014.  By Yannick Murphy.  Murder mystery novel about a girls’ swimming team.

Money Talks*

It’s 4.45pm.  Am sitting up in bed drinking iced coffee.  There is also a lemon squash – my next drink – waiting its turn.  The panther sits on my windowsill, gazing out at the garden.  His tail hangs down behind him and every so often he twitches its tip, or an ear.

This morning push self hard at training: see attached and above photos.  Do leg press, chest press and various other things, including one of the kinetic machines.  Trainer is pleased with me.

Have a New Client who am meeting tomorrow.  He’s a Red Fox Labrador like this one:

He lives in my parents’ road and is thirteen, so am surprised have never met him before.  Am looking forward to meeting him tomorrow.  Have never had a Red Fox Labrador chum before.

We have people coming for dinner and need to shell the peas and broad beans for Mum in a minute.  Also need to wash self and Do Something with nails.

Have achieved Body Scan Meditation and a rest.  Am still exhausted after my trip Abroad…

At lunchtime, the fluffy monster joins us in the garden, so snatch a couple of cuddles with him.  It’s a sunny afternoon and the sun shines in through my window as I sit up in bed writing this, listening to The Kinks and the whirring of my fan.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1974.  Song by The Kinks.  From the 1974 album Preservation Act 2.

Got My Feet On The Ground*

“Here’s some coffee for you darling,” Mum says, putting it down on my bedside table.  “It’s ten o’clock and…”

“Seriously?” I say, sitting up in bed, feeling exhausted and spaced out: didn’t get home from the airport until about two o’clock in the morning. 

“You’re walking Gandalf at one o’clock,” Mum says.  “You can wear my navy coat – it’s going to be raining and…”

“Thank you,” I say, sipping my coffee.  The panther lies next to me in bed, resting his heavy head on my thighs.

Eventually, I haul myself out of bed, and find the fluffy monster collapsed on a chair in the playroom – driven inside by the rain.  Here he is:

Walking to Gandalf’s house there’s light drizzle.  He is very pleased to see me, wagging his feathery tail.  The rain stops and we walk through the woods: dappled sunlight falls through the trees.  Here we are:

I love this boy so much.  We stop for lots of cuddles and I kiss him on the top of his head – it’s so soft.  Am happy walking with Gandalf and listening to The Kinks.  The panther stalks along beside us, his tail waving in the air.

Have just done my Body Scan Meditation and had a small rest.  The fan whirrs: it’s stuffy in my bedroom but can’t open the window as it’s raining again.

“You’d better have a bath before supper,” Mum says.

I miss New Chap.  Wish he was here and could cuddle him…

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1965.  Song by The Kinks from the 1965 album Kinda Kinks.

The Outrun*

New Chap has gone into town on a business matter.  Have packed suitcase and have started reading The Outrun – Amy Liptrot’s memoir of Orkney and overcoming addiction.

The panther sprawls across the bed next to me.  He rests his head in my lap and I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Have to return home today and don’t want to leave New Chap – obviously.  Am happy here with him.  It is wonderful to be with him all the time and to spend time together and chat and cuddle.

Here we are:

When he returns from his appointment, we will go out for lunch.  Will put on trousers, trainers and my raincoat as it’s raining.

Am just charging my external phone battery.

The next time I write to you I’ll be back home.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2016.  By Amy Liptrot.  Memoir.

Pour Me*

Am enjoying my time with New Chap and his Malamute.  Look how beautiful she is.  Because she’s a sled dog, she has to walk in front of us.  The panther lags behind: he’s wary of her.

The above photos are from yesterday’s walk in the park and around the botanic gardens.  There’s a pond full of koi there and the Malamute is fascinated by them: she gazes into the water and we have to pull her away in case she tries to catch one…

New Chap has gone into town to transact some business.  Am with the beautiful Queen of Malamutes in the house.  Am cuddling her.  She is so amazing.  Show you:

You can see her in the attached photo too.

Have been reading Pour Me: A.A. Gill’s memoir about being an alcoholic.  It’s brilliant.

Am happy here with New Chap and the Queen of Malamutes.  Don’t want to go home.  She is such a lovely, calming presence.  I love her. I also love New Chap, of course.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2015.  By A.A. Gill.  Memoir.

A Streetcar Named Expire*

We wake up at nine o’clock this morning.  New Chap brings me coffee in bed and then we haul ourselves out of bed and go out for breakfast.

Now am sitting up in bed writing this.  New Chap has gone off to collect his Malamute!  Yay!  Can’t wait to see her and cuddle her.  On his return we are all going for a walk.

The panther lies next to me in bed as I write this.  I think he’s enjoying his holiday.  I wonder what he’ll think of the Malamute though: she is a big, fluffy person who howls.  Maybe he will be frightened of her.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2001.  By Mary Daheim.  A Bed and Breakfast mystery, book 16.

The Essex Serpent*

We go out for breakfast and sit outside in the sunshine.  Show you:

Now New Chap has gone to Training and am going to have a sleep and read The Essex Serpent, which is just wonderful.  Am enjoying it a lot.  Urge you to read it.  Have just been reading in bed with the panther.  He is sleeping now, his head resting on my shoulder.  Am going to join him in a sleep once have posted this.

It is so lovely to be with New Chap.  Have been cuddling him and we have been chatting a lot.  Later we will go out somewhere – not sure where yet.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2016.  By Sarah Perry.  Historical novel.