The Final Set*

Whilst we’re waiting for Andy Murray’s match to start, let’s have a Positive List:

  1. The panther is here, but definitely mood is not as low as it has been in the past, so new drug combination is helping.
  2. Thought that would never meet anyone after Seb, but have a New Chap and am going to see him soon.
  3. It is Wimbledon.
  4. And Summer – have been waiting for this all year.  Must stop complaining about it being too hot.
  5. Am well enough to do Spin.
  6. My parentals love me: am not Going Through It Alone.
  7. This person exists:
  8. Can cuddle him when he comes in from the garden.
  9. Have two amazing dog clients and love them.
  10. More work and/ or voluntary work will happen in the future.
  11. Achieve a bath today.
  12. Site of port hasn’t become infected.
  13. The garden looks so beautiful at this time of year.
  14. Write this blog every day so am proud of self for that.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Friday everyone!
*1965.  By Peter Harris.  Tennis crime novel.

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