Have A Cuppa Tea*

“Hi darling,” I say to Suzie as I let her in.  “Make yourself a cup of tea and I’ll be with you in a minute.  I’ve been sleeping and I have to write the blog and…”

“OK, you get on with the blog,” Suzie says.  “I’ll watch TV in the other room and you come and find me when you’ve done it so…”

“Thank you darling,” I say.

We do lots of sets of weights at training this morning.

“We need to work on your back,” my trainer says.  “So we’re going to add in a couple of new machines.”

One of them is called Upper Back and can’t remember what the other one is called.  The panther sits on my lap, weighing me down.  I worry that he’ll catch his tail or a paw in the mechanism of the machine, but he doesn’t.  He makes it much more difficult for me to lift the weights though.

After the gym I walk back to the flat in the sunshine.  Put a wash on which need to unload in a minute.  Make a toasted sandwich, eat it and then do Body Scan Meditation and sleep.

Am sitting up in bed drinking coffee and lemon squash.  Need to go and talk to my chum now.

Am sad that Wimbledon is finished.  “We’ve got to wait nearly a year before we can see tennis played on a proper surface again,” Mum says yesterday.

The attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1971.  Song by The Kinks from the 1971 album Muswell Hillbillies.

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