Murder On The Run*

Stay up late – for me – last night – watching Mo Farah win the 10,000m.  It’s a dramatic and exciting race.  Don’t make it to bed till past ten o’clock and can’t sleep for a while after that.

So, it’s a struggle to wake up this morning and Spin feels tough.  Here is graph:

Wash self and hair and Spin clothes when I get home.  Then MadFatRunner visits us for lunch and cuddles with the fluffy monster.  We sit outside in the sunshine for a bit but then it starts raining again and we watch I Am Bolt and a programme about Jess Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford.  It is so lovely to see my best chum and to spend some more time with her.

Do Body Scan Meditation but don’t sleep and now am watching the Athletics again under my blanket.  The panther lies next to me on the sofa, staring at the screen – his amber eyes wide.

Usain Bolt has just finished second to Christian Coleman in his semi-final.  Oh no!  He’d better not lose in the final at 9.45pm.  Will have to stay up to watch that…

Mum has just brought me my artichoke so am going to eat it.  We’ve just given the fluffy monster his pill and he’s inside for the night now.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!
*2016.  By Lesley Cookman.  A Libby Sarjeant murder mystery.

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