Pouncing On Murder*

Another late night last night, staying up to watch Usain Bolt in his last 100m final.  Sadly, he doesn’t win.  Here’s the fluffy monster last night:

He doesn’t like watching Athletics.  Think the noise of the crowd annoys him.

At Spin this morning am just not on good form, perhaps due to two late nights in a row.  Here is graph:

Then have to write a seventy word piece for The Boss about how the Spin studio helps me with my illnesses.  Have been putting this off all week but manage to write it and send it to her.  Write it sitting in the kitchen with Mum for help and support.  It’s ridiculous that was so anxious about doing it.  Blame my mental disorder.

Wash self, and then Mum’s friend comes round for lunch and we sit in the garden.  

Do the Body Scan Meditation and have a rest and will watch the Athletics at 6.30pm.  Parentals are going out so will be looking after my fluffy monster on my own.

“Can you look after this lion please, I’ve got some tidying up to do,” Mum says, depositing the fluffy monster on my bed.  The panther glares at him but the fluffy monster ignores the bigger cat and sits on my windowsill, gazing out over the garden.  Then he climbs down to sit by the door and wait to be released:

The attached photo is with The Boss and The Master at Spin this morning.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2015.  By Laurie Cass.  A Bookmobile Cat mystery novel.

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