London Rain*

It’s cold under my furry blanket on the sofa in front of the Athletics at the parental home.  It’s been raining all day and it’s also raining inside the house.  It’s very wet as it pours down on the track at the stadium and they are discussing moving the long jump to whichever-sandpit-is-less-wet rather than using both pits.

Have a late night talking to my chum last night and then sleep through alarm this morning, missing my appointment with my trainer at the gym.  It’s pouring with rain so start watching last night’s Athletics that have recorded.

Finally, at about 1.30pm, the rain eases off and drag self to the gym.  Here is gym outfit:

Achieve leg press, chest press, arm extension, pulley, triceps exercises and various other machines.  Am pleased with self for making it to gym despite the inclement weather.

Mum picks me up from the flat.  When I arrive, the fluffy monster is inside due to the rain.  Here he is:

The panther lies next to me under my blanket.  I’m grateful for the added warmth of his body.  He rests his haunches on my thighs and gazes at the television.  Stroking his back, I listen to his low growl.

Have just helped Mum give the fluffy monster his pill.  Soon it will be suppertime and we’re having minestrone soup.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2016.  By Nicola Upson.  The sixth novel in the author’s Josephine Tey mystery series, set in 1937.

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