To Kill A Labrador*

Up early to walk Archie at ten o’clock this morning.  We walk around the recreation ground and in the woods behind it.  Here we are:

There’s a playground in Archie’s park where Mum used to take us when we were really little.  It has a tiny castle and tunnel in it which I used to seem much larger than they do now.

Archie is such a soft, cuddly, bouncy person.  I love him.

Walk Archie home and rush to pick up this person, Marley:

We have a slow, short walk: Marley is thirteen and a half and arthritic.  He’s such a contrast to the bouncy eleven month old Archie.  Am returning to give him another short walk and supper soon.  He’s a lovely older chap.

Do Body Scan Meditation and rest.  Now it’s 4.24pm and am sitting up in bed writing this and drinking iced coffee.  The panther lies curled up at the foot of my bed, his chin resting on his front paws.  We will watch the Athletics later.

The petunias have all closed up due to the rain.  “They need some sunshine,” Mum says.  It’s sunny now so maybe they’ll recover – hope so.  The fluffy monster has been in and out all day – have just seen him. Today is a far better day to be a fluffy monster than yesterday was.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*2016.  By Kassandra Lamb.  A Marcia Banks and Buddy mystery, volume 1.

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