Break Away*

Wake up at eight o’clock this morning and have porridge, coffee and lemon squash.  Sit up in bed with the panther, listening to Matt Andersen’s Honest Man album – have mentioned that he is a favourite singer of New Chap but will repeat this for the benefit of any new readers or anyone who has forgotten.  The panther sprawls across the bed, his heavy head in my lap, preventing me from getting up. Stroking the top of his head, I sip my coffee.

Last night start reading Carrie Fisher’s last book, published just before her untimely death in 2016 – The Princess Diarist.  Like all her books, it’s wonderful: hilarious and gripping and moving.  Stay up till 9.30pm reading it which is late for me.

At 9.15am this morning make it out of the house at last.  Meet a liver curly coated Retriever near Dolly’s house.  Like this one:

Ask his owner if he needs any help walking him.  Sadly he doesn’t.

Arrive at Dolly’s house.  She is very happy to see me and rugby tackles me from behind.  Have to turn my back to her and say “Down” loudly to stop her doing this.

It’s sunny and we have a lovely walk and some cuddles.  Here we are:

You can see us in the attached photo too.  I love Dolly.  Feel so much calmer when hear the padding of her big paws on the pavement next to me.  She is much bigger than she looks in these photos – there’s a perspective problem as she’s behind me.  As I’ve said before: it’s a lottery when I hand phone to a random person to take photos of us – sometimes get good photos and sometimes don’t.  On the plus side: the photos aren’t bad of me…

Am sitting up in bed with coffee and lemon squash listening to Matt Andersen’s Honest Man album.  The panther sits on the windowsill, gazing out at the garden.  It’s still sunny out there.  It’s 4.32pm.

Need to:

  1. Have bath.
  2. Make supper.
  3. Read The Princess Diarist.

At lunchtime, watch an episode of Natural World called Jungle Animal Hospital, about a veterinary hospital in Guatemala.  A highlight is when they release some scarlet macaws back into the wild.  They take in animals who’ve been kidnapped from the jungle for the illegal pet trade and attempt to nurse them back to health, with mixed results sadly.

The fan whirrs.  It’s still warm. The weather has been pleasant for the last few days.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2016.  Song by Matt Andersen.  Appears on the 2016 Honest Man album.

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