Murder On Gramercy Park*

It’s 6.54pm and it’s getting dark already which is horrible.  On the plus side: have written 24,020 words of the Memoir.  The writing is tough going today but still bash out my two thousand words, so that’s the main thing.  Can always rewrite it later, the important thing is to have some text to improve…

Work hard at the gym.  Here I am working my triceps:

See also attached photo.  Also do leg press, Chest Press, arm extension, pulley and Pectoral machine.

Meet Hannah in the park for a walk.  It’s a warm sunny day so the lemurs are jumping around and not all huddled around their heater.

Do Body Scan Meditation and have a rest but don’t sleep.  Then write my 2000 words.  Now need to hang the washing on the airer but first must move the dry clothes and put them away.

The panther lies next to me in bed, resting his head on my tummy.  Stroking the soft back of his neck, I think about what to cook for supper.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2001.  By Victoria Thompson.  Book 3 in the Gaslight mystery series, starring Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy.

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