Call Me By Your Name*

Have a lovely walk with Dolly and cuddle her. It’s cold so wear my new coat.

The film last night was beautiful and brilliant. It’s called Call Me By Your Name. Written by James Ivory (of Merchant Ivory). Stunning cinematography – it’s set in Northern Italy. Do see it if you can.

Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep. Then work on Memoir which now stands at 57,532 words. So that is going well.

It’s so dark outside which is horrible but nice and warm in flat. Need to make something with the chickpeas and kale Mum gave me.

Tomorrow we are going to a special World Wildlife Fund event at the Natural History Museum so that should be fun.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2017. Feature film. Directed by Luca Guadagnino. Written by James Ivory. Starring Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalomet, Michael Stuhlbarg and Amira Casar.

Madonna In A Fur Coat*

Am going to cinema at 5.30pm to see Call Me By Your Name, a gay romance which has had great reviews. Have decided that Monday evening is cinema evening – is good to get self out of the house and Mondays can be depressing. Looking forward to curling up on a sofa at my favourite cinema.

Work hard at gym this morning. Here is chest press:

Also do Leg Press, pulley, pectoral, triceps lifts, arm extensions and lat pulldowns.

Here as promised is my new coat:

It is from: and it’s very warm. I love it.

Write Memoir before lunch. It now stands at 56,553 words. Am quite pleased with today’s writing.

Right: had better get ready for cinema.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1943. By Sabahattin Ali. Turkish classic novel.


Work hard at Spin this morning and so does Norman the zombie. You can see him and The Boss inthe attached photo. Here is graph:Here is a photo of the fluffy monster which Facebook brings up this morning as it was a year ago today:

Had lots of cuddles with him when was at parentals but now am back at the flat.

Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep and write Memoir when I wake up. It now stands at 55,660 words.

Am going to post this and then make some supper. Am listening to the Trainspotting soundtrack and drinking lemon squash.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1992. Song by New Order. Appears on the album BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert.

The Bat*

Halloween Spin at the zone this morning: see The Boss and The Princess in their costumes in the above and attached photos.

Here is graph:

Please ignore all the blue and grey on the end where I forgot to take off monitor after the end of the class.

After Spin, we pop in to the new dog grooming Shop and parlour where they are having a Halloween party. There is a dog dressed as a bat. We meet a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog called Ellie but she doesn’t need walking, sadly.

Have lunch, do Body Scan Meditation and sleep. Have just been writing Memoir which is now 54,565 words. Really don’t feel like writing today but I do it anyway.

Have headache. Just want to watch television and knit.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1997. By Jo Nesbo. The first Harry Hole detective novel.

Wicked Witch Murder*

The Halloween decorations are up at Spin – look:

If you look behind us, there are Witches. Attached photo is also with The Boss and The Witches.

It’s a High Intensity class and I push myself hard. Show you graph:

Tomorrow is the Halloween ride and we’re meant to dress up so I will just wear my double-leopard-print outfit as I don’t have a costume.

After Spin, go with Mum to the garden centre to buy some pansies for the hanging baskets.

Come home, have bath, eat lunch, do Body Scan Meditation and sleep.

Wake up and work on Memoir. It is now 53,443 words so am pleased with self. Am going to see if Mum wants to watch the episode of Gardeners’ World that we have recorded. Can do some knitting.

Have had a couple of cuddles with my fluffy monster today. I love him.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2010. By Leslie Meier. Book 16 in the Lucy Stone mystery series, set in Maine.

Back On Murder*

Work hard at Spin. Here is graph:

On my return, the fluffy monster is waiting inside for some more breakfast, so I feed him and then he goes outside. Here he is:

Have a bath and then chop up some mint and squeeze a lemon which form part of dinner: courgette and lemon spaghetti from Jamie Oliver’s new book.

Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep and have just been working hard on Memoir which is now 52,035


Happy Thursday everyone!

*2010. By J Mark Bertrand. Book 1 in the Roland March Mystery series.

File M For Murder*

Push self hard at first Spin class for about ten days. Here is graph:

Am aware that graph isn’t brilliant but is first class back after a bit of a break. See attached photo with The Master.

My chum drives me to her house for coffee, which is nice, and then home.

Mum is growing some aubergines look:

Four years ago today the fluffy monster was a small kitten – look:

Have a DEXA Scan this afternoon and apparently my bone density is fine, so that’s good.

Have cuddled my fluffy monster and had a sleep.

In other news: Memoir is now 50,664 words so am very pleased about this.

It’s 6.33pm so am going to see if Mum wants any help with supper.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2012. By Miranda James. Book 3 in the Cat In The Stacks murder mystery series starring Charlie Harris and Diesel the Maine Coon cat.

Classified As Murder*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Walk Dolly. Here we are:
  2. Catch train to parentals.
  3. Mum buys me an amazing new winter coat from here, will wear it for a photo tomorrow:
  5. Do Body Scan Meditation.
  6. And sleep.
  7. Wake up and write Memoir.
  8. It now stands at 49,630 words.
  9. Cuddle a very special person who haven’t seen for ages:
  10. The parentals are going out for dinner so will watch a Midsomer Murders with my fluffy.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2011. By Dean James. Book 2 in the Cat In The Stacks Mystery series, starring librarian Charlie and his cat Diesel.

Born In Chains*

It’s 4.49pm. Am scribbling this quickly as want a bath before cinema this evening. Am going to see The Death Of Stalin with Suzie.

Work hard at training this morning and trainer is pleased with me. Do Kettlebells for the first time in ages. Show you:

See also attached photo. Also do Mountain Climbers and triceps dips, as well as rowing machine which haven’t done for a while.

Write a thousand words of Memoir before lunch. It is now 48,161 words.

Right – must have bath. Am listening to Popular Problems and drinking coffee.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2014. Song by Leonard Cohen. From the album Popular Problems.


Achieve my sixth gym visit this week. New trousers are photogenic I think. Do a mix of legs, chest, back and lat pull down and arm extensions. The exercise on the stability ball is harder than it looks – see attached and above photos.

Walk home and read The Sunday Times Style over lunchtime. Corduroy is back in for autumn apparently, which is good as long as can fit into last year’s two pairs of corduroy trousers. Fingers crossed that can squeeze into them. Have a navy pair and a bright pink pair.

Do Body Scan Meditation and rest, don’t manage to sleep. Write a thousand words of Memoir easily and quickly which is a nice surprise – was feeling completely uninspired until started writing. It’s great when that happens. It’s now 47,024 words.

May not write any of Memoir tomorrow as going to see The Death of Stalin at 6.15pm with Suzie which is the time of day when am usually writing. But that’s OK: haven’t taken a day off from Memoir for a while.

Am listening to Popular Problems and drinking lemon squash. Going to post this and then return to The Sparsholt Affair.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2014. Song by Leonard Cohen from the album Popular Problems.