The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts*

It’s 6.11pm so am just going to post this quickly and then have a bath before supper and Midsomer Murders and knitting.

Work hard at Spin today. Here is graph. The actual class is the green and yellow bit – forgot to take belt off after class for ages so that’s all the blue and grey:

The attached photo with The Master is at Spin. Here we are:

Have been doing some light editing on Memoir and it’s now 78,012 words so just have one chapter left to do and then can send it to agent!

Have cuddled my fluffy monster a bit today: he’s been inside a lot as it’s cold. He’s just this minute come into my room and climbed up to my windowsill. Let’s see if we can get a photo…

Look at that fluffy person. Isn’t he gorgeous.

Right: I need to have a bath before supper.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1990. By Lilian Jackson Braun. The tenth novel in the Cat Who series of mystery novels starring Jim Qwilleran and Koko the Siamese Cat.

Sick As A Dog*

Dolly is in a bad mood today due to having to wear a plastic cone. She has a Hot Spot on her back and mustn’t scratch it. She looks so sorry for herself:

You can see us together in the attached photo.

Have just been to see doctor. Tell her about my Bad Tummy and she looks it up in her book and diarrhoea is listed as the most common side effect of bisphosphonates. So they’re the culprits. So there’s nothing I can do about tummy. Am just going to introduce some foods back into diet and see what happens.

Battle Of The Sexes is excellent. Do go and see it. My chum enjoyed it too. We then had pizza which upset tummy A Lot.

There are people coming for dinner so suppose will have to talk to them. Have extra-long afternoon sleep so haven’t written Memoir at all. Feel a bit despondent about tummy.

Have some nice things planned over the next few days: going to meet my friend at her shop in town; a concert on Sunday and seeing another friend on Monday.

Just need to get tummy better really.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1976. Song by Aerosmith from the album Rocks.

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards*

Work hard at gym this morning. See attached photo.

Facebook throws up these photos of my fluffy from four years ago today:

Tummy doesn’t seem so bad today, which is a relief.

Have been doing a light edit on Memoir – line edits, making sure people have the right name all the way through, starting each chapter on a new page. Am quite pleased with it and just need another couple of thousand words to wrap it up before sending it to my agent. It’s now 77,374 words and have decided it needs to be 80,000, so not far to go.

Am going to see Battle Of The Sexes with a chum this evening and he’s arriving at four o’clock so had better post this and get self ready.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1966. By Lilian Jackson Braun. The first novel in The Cat Who series of mystery novels, starring Jim Qwilleran and Koko the Siamese Cat.

Greenhouse With Cyclamens*

Have just been doing a bit of light editing on the Memoir, which now stands at 77,015 words. Am agreeably surprised that the first third or so is quite readable. That’s as far as I’ve got with it today.

Make it to Training despite bad tummy and trainer is pleased with me. Have lunch and a sleep and have just been working on Memoir for about three hours.

The attached photo is the High Pull at the gym.

Mum sends this photo of my fluffy. I don’t know why it’s all blurry:

Happy Monday everyone!

*1954. Three-part essay about the Nuremberg trials, written by Rebecca West.

March Violets*

Feel like I’m working hard at Spin but the days of illness have taken a toll on my fitness. Here is graph:

You can see me with The Boss in the attached photo.

Dad takes me back to flat, where emerald green velvet trousers have arrived. Look:

I love them. Am regretting not purchasing the matching top a bit:

I thought it would look a bit tracksuity but now I don’t know what to wear on top half. What do you think?

Yet another phone charger has died so am going to post this before I run out of battery.

Have just achieved some writing for the first time in four days and Memoir now stands at 76,003 words, so that’s good. Less than a month to go before have to send it to Agent. Argh!

It’s 4.25pm and is dark outside. Am sipping lemon squash.

Am going with a chum to see Battle Of The Sexes, about Billie Jean King’s tennis match against Bobby Riggs, on Tuesday. So am looking forward to that.

Had a look at my chemotherapy card for the bisphosphonates which lists diarrhoea as a side effect. So maybe I should start taking the hair pills again.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1989. By Philip Kerr. A Bernie Gunther historical thriller, set in Berlin in 1936.

Sleep Of Death*

Tummy still bad. Have been sleeping. The fluffy monster is sleeping under my chair where he’s been for Hours.

Make it to Spin this morning, see attached photo. Here is graph:

There is a new rubber floor to the studio, which seems to make cycling easier.

Haven’t really done anything else today. Haven’t written Memoir since became ill. Will get back to it on Monday.

Oh, have achieved a bath. So there’s that. It was cold this morning and frosty outside so one can’t blame the fluffy for staying in, but when he wakes up he will want to go out and won’t be allowed because it’s dark.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2000. By Philip Gooden. Book 1 in the Shakespearean Murder Mystery series, set in London.


Still not well. Have had upset tummy twice today and a great long sleep. Have stopped taking the hair pills in case it’s their fault.

Walk Gandalf and we have a lovely walk. He tries to pull up a tree root, thinking it’s a stick.

You can see him in the attached photo. Look too ill today for a photo. New Chap says that Gandalf is “criminally handsome” 😊.

Have just made one Black Friday purchase: these trousers from Sweaty Betty:

ll probably wear a black top with them. Have been looking for a gold one but can't find anything quite right.

Uncle coming for dinner so had better post this now and go and see if Mum needs any help.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2014. Song by Taylor Swift. From the album 1989.

Ill Will*

Here’s a baby photo of the fluffy monster that flashed up on Facebook today:

Have spent the whole day in bed with Bad Tummy. Mum picks me up from the flat at 12ish and brings me back here. Have been sleeping and now it’s 5.38pm and the fluffy monster is visiting me:

Anyway: am warm under my furry blanket and am drinking lemon squash.

I always have this romantic idea that it will be nice to be Ill in bed and read books, but the reality is am not even feeling up to knitting or listening to music as have an earache now too. On the plus side: no bad tummy since this morning.

The fluffy monster is sleeping under my radiator. Am thankful for him.

Hope all my readers in America have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2017. By Dan Chaon. Murder mystery thriller.

Sick To Death*

My tummy is still very upset. Google “upset stomach” and Dr Google diagnoses me with bowel cancer. Which is a shame.

Here is a blurry but nonetheless charming photo of the fluffy monster sent to me by Mum.

Have a blustery walk with Dolly but it’s sunny, which is good. Here we are:

Do Body Scan Meditation and sleep. Wake up and write Memoir, which now stands at 75,012 words. Maybe will print it out soon and see if need to tack another 5000 or so words on the end, or slot them in at an earlier stage.

Call my agent today and they have agreed to have a look at Memoir when it’s ready if I’m not dead of Bowel Cancer by then.

Am sipping Lemon Squash for the dehydration. It seems likely that I have a stomach bug as feel a bit dizzy and wobbly so possibly have a temperature.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2016. By Greg Levin. Murder mystery novel.


It’s been an exhausting day. First training where I did the seated chest press for the second day running (see attached photo).

Then home to wait for news of my two friends who were having three babies today. Eventually they both produced their offspring.

Then Body Scan Meditation but couldn’t sleep.

Then Memoir which now stands at 74,005 words.

I’m drinking lemon squash. Here are the photos from last night’s dinner with The Squad:

We have a lovely dinner but tummy is vengeful this morning.

Am listening to Taylor Swift’s Fearless album.

No Dolly tomorrow: walking her tomorrow instead.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2008. Song by Taylor Swift. Appears on the 2009 album Fearless.