Sick As A Dog*

Dolly is in a bad mood today due to having to wear a plastic cone. She has a Hot Spot on her back and mustn’t scratch it. She looks so sorry for herself:

You can see us together in the attached photo.

Have just been to see doctor. Tell her about my Bad Tummy and she looks it up in her book and diarrhoea is listed as the most common side effect of bisphosphonates. So they’re the culprits. So there’s nothing I can do about tummy. Am just going to introduce some foods back into diet and see what happens.

Battle Of The Sexes is excellent. Do go and see it. My chum enjoyed it too. We then had pizza which upset tummy A Lot.

There are people coming for dinner so suppose will have to talk to them. Have extra-long afternoon sleep so haven’t written Memoir at all. Feel a bit despondent about tummy.

Have some nice things planned over the next few days: going to meet my friend at her shop in town; a concert on Sunday and seeing another friend on Monday.

Just need to get tummy better really.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1976. Song by Aerosmith from the album Rocks.


  1. L. Rorschach · November 29, 2017

    I’m so sorry to hear about your tummy. Did the doctor have any thoughts on when it might improve? I hope you feel better soon! xx

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