The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts*

It’s 6.11pm so am just going to post this quickly and then have a bath before supper and Midsomer Murders and knitting.

Work hard at Spin today. Here is graph. The actual class is the green and yellow bit – forgot to take belt off after class for ages so that’s all the blue and grey:

The attached photo with The Master is at Spin. Here we are:

Have been doing some light editing on Memoir and it’s now 78,012 words so just have one chapter left to do and then can send it to agent!

Have cuddled my fluffy monster a bit today: he’s been inside a lot as it’s cold. He’s just this minute come into my room and climbed up to my windowsill. Let’s see if we can get a photo…

Look at that fluffy person. Isn’t he gorgeous.

Right: I need to have a bath before supper.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1990. By Lilian Jackson Braun. The tenth novel in the Cat Who series of mystery novels starring Jim Qwilleran and Koko the Siamese Cat.

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