New Year’s Eve Murder*

New Year’s Eves Of The Past

  1. Trenton Moss’s house party with all my chums in Radlett when we were 15. Everyone was there. Best NYE ever probably.
  2. A Black Tie Company Ball Aged sixteen with many friends.
  3. Tribal Gathering aged 17 with Emily, Suzy and lots of chums at Alexandra Palace.
  4. Mount Universe aged 18 with the crew from the previous year, also at Alexandra Palace.
  5. World Dance with Dave aged 19 at Three Mills Studios.
  6. The Millenium aged 20 with Lily in Brighton – we left the party where all my chums were. It turned into a bit of a disaster but was with my bestie.
  7. Party at the parentals with my brother, Dave, Lily and loads of our friends. Wore my Karen Millen corset and my brother had to throw out some troublemakers.
  8. Safari with parentals and brother.
  9. Eilat a couple of times with family.
  10. A couple of nights in with boyfriends: one with Seb and one with a much younger manic depressive boyfriend when we watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age.
  11. One on own when I woke up and did loads of writing the next day.
  12. One with Wayne at a terrible Jewish party.
  13. Another terrible Jewish party.
  14. One in Amsterdam with my cousins when I was in my first year at Oxford. Think we went to the Buddha Bar.
  15. Last year with Mary and Cato, dogsitting, knitting and watching Blue Planet:

So this year I’ll be on own in the flat.

Am listening to The Kinks and drinking lemon squash.

Going to watch Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? and knit and wake up to go to Pilates tomorrow.

Here is baby fluffy monster four years ago today:

Attached photo is today at Pilates.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

*2005. By Leslie Meier. A Lucy Stone Mystery Book 12. Set in New York.

A Royal Night Out*

How To Be Succesful On Instagram

  1. Follow lots of accounts and post in other people’s posts – engage with people.
  2. Follow hashtags eg #dogs, #fitness, #cats, #writing, #knitting.
  3. Post as often as possible: I try and post on there every day.

4. Post Stories: little videos of your day. I haven’t mastered this yet but some people I follow eg @esthercoren, @hannahgale, @lifewithmalamutes and @thenewfcrew do Stories every day.

5. Put lots of hashtags in your posts. Eg for a weightlifting one I’d do: #livelovelift #girlswholift #girlswholiftheavy #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitgirls #weightlifting #gym #personaltraining #sweatybetty #fitspo

Or for a dog one:

#newfoundland #newfoundlandsofinstagram #newfoundlanddog #newfie #newfies #newfiestagram #giantdogs #dogstagram #loveher #dogsifinstagram

6. Go on there every day and interact with people: leave messages for people whom you follow.

7. The most successful accounts (other than those of celebrities) are ones focused on a pet or family of pets, see @thenewfcrew or @lifewithmalamutes or @ricorico_rico. So if you have a pet and want to win on Instagram, make them an account and watch the followers come tumbling in…

8. Download Layout to make composite photos.

9. Make sure you have fun with it. Instagram is great fun.

Am back at the flat and have been sleeping. Have just had a chat with brother in Abroad. It’s 5.09pm and it’s dark out there.

Have realised something: it’s possible that my photos don’t attach when phone is in battery saver mode, so have turned that off.

Have clean sheets as Mum changed them when she brought me back here.

Here is my fluffy monster last night:

We spend some quality time together last night watching A Royal Night Out, which is fun but I’m sure not factually correct. In it, the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are allowed out on V.E. Day at night, slip their minders and have a raucous and unlikely night out in the fleshpots of Soho and suchlike. Elizabeth even has a romance with an airman who has gone AWOL.

Work hard at Spin this morning but maybe because of my cold, graph is not very impressive:

Am going to post this and then watch my television I think. Have deleted the things that I recorded but have already seen at the parentals.

You can see my Spin outfit in the attached photo.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2015. Feature film starring Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Emily Watson and Rupert Everett. Written by Trevor de Silva and Kevin Hood. Directed by Julian Jarrold.

Knit One, Kill Two*

Work hard at Spin today. Here is graph:

It is a High End Endurance class, which means keeping heart rate between seventy five and eighty five percent, which manage to do despite the severity of my cold. Cold actually isn’t as bad as it was, thank G-d, but am still congested and have headache due to the congestion.

Here I am:

Attached photo is with The Boss.

After Spin, go with Mum to the house of one of her friends to borrow a jigsaw as we have finished all our ones. We will start the new one once I’ve posted this. Then have a bath.

Current state of new scarf that am knitting after lots of Christmas television and knitting time:

The fluffy monster is lying around somewhere. Dad is somewhere between reading and dozing. Mum is doing The Times crossword.

It’s 4.51pm and it’s dark. On the plus side, the parentals are going to a party tonight so can watch whatever I want on the television and have the fluffy monster all to myself for cuddles and conversation.

Have just deleted and reinstalled WordPress and the being-unable-to-attach-photos problem has disappeared for the moment.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2005. By Maggie Sefton. A Knitting Mystery, Volume 1 starring Kelly Flynn. Set in Colorado.

A Deadly Yarn*

Aha. WordPress is letting me add my pictures now.

The war memorial in the village:

Some ivy in the woods near the station:

The bridge over the stream behind the shops:

With The Boss at Spin today.

My graph:

We are watching Victoria and am knitting

It is another scarf obviously.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2006. By Maggie Sefton. A knitting Mystery, Volume three. Starring Kelly and Megan from the House Of Lambspun.


This photo seems to be the only one that WordPress will let me add. It’s my new Kinks mug.

Work hard at Spin. You will have to imagine graph and photo with The Boss.

Then walk home from the village and take some more photos which WordPress won’t allow me to add for some reason.

Have been sleeping and now we’re going to watch the Victoria Christmas Special because those crazy parentals are going out tonight.

The fluffy monster is sleeping on brother’s bed. He has been out in the sunshine but has been sleeping inside since 2.30pm (as I have myself).

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1969. Song by The Kinks. Opening track on the concept album Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of the British Empire). Written by Ray Davies.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas*

Achievements Of The Year

  1. Learned to knit and knitted three scarves.
  2. Wrote a whole book and even a second draft of that book.
  3. Started a new romantic relationship with New Chap which have maintained.
  4. Am still alive.
  5. Have started a new business: Happy Hounds Dogwalking and Petsitting.
  6. Went on own to Abroad twice.
  7. Finally made it to Venice with Mum.
  8. Visited brother in Abroad.
  9. Maintained my fitness with Personal Training every week and Spin about three or four times a week.
  10. Got a new job.
  11. Even though only lasted three days at it.
  12. Maintained two regular Dogwalking clients.
  13. Took up writing poetry again and even published a poem.
  14. Cuddled the fluffy monster a lot.
  15. Read some books.
  16. Maintained all my friendships.
  17. Stayed sober.
  18. Started going out more.
  19. Have got back on my actual bike.
  20. Made it back to Pilates.

There’s plenty there to be pleased with self about. Well done me.

This morning at 8.45am was the Ninety Minute Turkey Burner Spin class. Here is graph:

Can see that I burned 950 calories.

Then watch Snow Bears recorded yesterday with Mum, about some Polar bear cubs and their mum.

Have been sleeping. Think we are watching the Victoria Christmas Special tonight.

Here is the fluffy monster four years ago today:

The attached photo is with The Boss this morning.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1938. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Greenshaw’s Folly*

We’re just watching this episode of Marple now. It’s 5.10pm. Am also knitting and drinking coffee.

Have been resting. Have a nasty cold and headache and am congested. The fluffy monster is sleeping behind me, between the back of the sofa and the radiator.

Earlier go out for a bike ride with Dad; watch Dumbo and then a parental friend comes round for lunch.

Now am under my furry blanket on the sofa. Mum has peeled me an orange. My uncle is coming round for dinner and then I’ll be allowed to go back to bed.

Hope am feeling better by tomorrow as is special double Spin and then am meant to be meeting some friends for lunch.

The attached photo is the fluffy monster four years ago today.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

*1960. Short story by Agatha Christie. A Miss Marple detective story. Appears in the collection The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding

The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding*

Had lovely Christmas yesterday with family and family friends. Here is the Christmas pudding on fire 🔥.

Then arrive home at six o’clock and sleep till eight o’clock the next morning.

This morning have been for a bike ride with Dad 🚲 and watched Dumbo whilst knitting.

New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Give the fluffy monster lots of extra cuddles.
  1. Replace all my make-up with new cruelty free make-up.
  2. Learn German.
  3. Put some time and energy into making the flat beautiful: have just ordered a couple of Art Nouveau posters from here:
  5. Be kind to elderly parentals.
  6. Get a book deal for Memoir.
  7. Save money.
  8. Lose half a stone (at least).
  9. Make a success of Happy Hounds and acquire more dog clients. Here is its Facebook page:
  10. Go out more.
  11. Make some new friends.
  12. Finish knitting this scarf.
  13. Blog every day.
  14. Keep taking my florisene and hope that hair grows back.
  15. Write another book.
  16. Buy a house.
  17. And a dog.
  18. Preferably a Leonberger, Bernese Mountain Dog Or Newfoundland.
  19. Visit brother in Abroad.
  20. Be kind to New Chap.

What about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

You can see the fluffy monster in the attached photo.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

*1960. By Agatha Christie. The only Agatha Christie first edition short story collection containing both Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple detective stories.

Gone With The Wind*

All I’ve done today is watch Gone With The Wind and sleep.

Watch the final 2 episodes of the current series – series 4 – of Peaky Blinders the other day. Think we must have watched a Midsomer Murders last night.

Have cuddled the fluffy monster a bit. Here he is four years ago today:

Start watching Gone With The Wind at 9.20am and it finishes at 1.30pm at which time I go to bed. Cry a lot.

“I don’t know why we put ourselves through this every year,” I say to Mum as we’re both crying.

Go to sleep when the film ends.

Wake up at 4.30pm and have one of the mince pies and a coffee.

I seem to be having problems uploading images today.

Need a bath before supper so am going to post this now. Seem to have a nasty cold. Or am allergic to stuff in bedroom. Sneeze.

Think that fluffy monster is in brother’s room am going to find and cuddle him.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

*1936. By Margaret Mitchell. American Civil War Novel. Filmed in 1939 starring Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Olivia de Havilland and Leslie Howard, Thomas Mitchell and Barbara O’Neil. Written by Sidney Howard. Directed by Victor Fleming. Produced by David O. Selznick. A classic – to some the classic. On every year at Christmas in the UK…

Blood Hound*

Do OK at Spin. Here is graph:

You can see me with my instructor dressed as an elf in the attached photo.

Here is the fluffy monster four years ago today:

And a tree near the flat a year ago today:

Go with Mum to the Garden Centre to buy some more fat balls for the birds.

Go for a walk after lunch to visit the new underwear and swimwear shop in the village – Bravellous. Find a purple silk slip that I like but it’s £150 so I don’t buy it obviously.

I have been sleeping and then when I wake up, make a Facebook page for my Dogwalking and Petsitting called Happy Hounds. All I need now is more customers.

The parentals are going out tonight so am going to look after my fluffy and watch Peaky Blinders.

Am just going to have a bath first.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2013. By Tanya Landman. Book Nine in the Poppy Fields Mystery series starring dogwalker Poppy Fields.