The Cat, The Mill And The Murder*

Work as hard as I can at Spin but can’t get into the yellow zone. Here is graph:

Maybe it is because it’s cold and I still have a cold.

Help Mum finish her jigsaw. Here it is:

Then have a sleep and when I wake up get on with the Memoir. It now stands at 79,776 words. Nearly finished. Am going to finish it tomorrow or early next week and get it off to my agent well before Christmas.

Have already written my Christmas cards so am organised.

Dad is getting twitchy as we need to watch Midsomer Murders before nine o’clock when he wants to watch something else and it’s 7.13pm now.

The attached photo is with my instructor at Spin today.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2013. By Leann Sweeney. A Cats In Trouble Murder Mystery, Book 5.

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