The Mermaids Singing*

I have to go out soon: going to hear the London Gay Men’s Chorus performing at West London Synagogue – it’s a World AIDS Day event with a service of remembrance and a meal afterwards.

Never go out at night. Am excited. May even put a dress on. With tights and boots: it’s cold out there.

So, work hard at Spin this morning. Here is graph:

Still not quite up to speed and strength due to it being cold and me having a cold. But am there and that’s the main thing. Here I am with my instructor and you can see us in the attached photo:

Then the fluffy monster gets stuck near the top of the pine tree, chasing a squirrel:

Silly monster. Dad takes me back to the flat where I meditate and sleep. Mum tells me the fluffy made it down from the tree.

Now just have to post this, dress and leave the house.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1995. By Val McDermid. The first Dr Tony Hill Murder Mystery Novel.

One comment

  1. L. Rorschach · December 4, 2017

    That silly fluff!


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