Do OK at first Spin class since accident. Neck and head hurt and both ankles feel a bit delicate but don’t do too badly. Here is graph:

Then go for a walk with Jasmine, an Alsatian chum and her owner. She can catch a flying frisbee. Here she is:

We have a long walk round the fields at the back of the rugby club. There’s still some snow and ice in the car park there.

Have been sleeping.

The good news is that Agent loves the Memoir and has just given me a few edits to do, so have started that today: have edited up to Chapter 9.

The fluffy monster is behind my chair:

You can see him stepping over the shoebox of my new Hobbs heels.

Hopefully soon it will be suppertime, after my bath. Am hungry.

The attached photo is with The Master and my instructor at Spin.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2013. By Robert Crais. A Scott James and Maggie Murder Mystery novel, book 1. Scott James is an LAPD cop and his partner Maggie is a German Shepherd ex-Iraq-ex-Afghanistan bomb sniffer dog. Set in Los Angeles.


  1. Sally Feldman · December 15, 2017

    That is fantastic news! So proud of you. Much love, Sally xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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