Peaky Blinders*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Work hard at gym. See attached photo.
  2. Mum picks me up at eleven o’clock and am ready and waiting for her.
  3. Jane Thynne sent me this:
  4. It is so kind of her.
  5. Some presents arrive:
  6. 6. That’s the Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner
  7. Am not going to listen to the CDs now as there’s a wild lion sleeping under my chair and I don’t want to disturb him:
  8. Email the second draft of Memoir to agents.
  9. Watch an episode of Peaky Blinders.
  10. Am drinking coffee out of my Solitaire mug and thinking about cracking on with the two-page synopsis of Memoir that I need for competition. Argh. Hate writing synopses.
  11. It’s 4.40pm. My chums will be here soon for dinner I hope.
  12. Have had a small sleep but Tired.
  13. Hope they don’t stay late.
  14. The parentals are at a wedding and hope they are enjoying selves.
  15. Am a bit lonely.
  16. May get a partial refund for one set of flights am not taking. Hope so.
  17. Am going to have a bath and watch more Peaky Blinders I think.
  18. Watch Shamed and ABBA: Live In Concert early this morning to clear a bit of space on digibox.
  19. Am drinking lemon squash.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2013. TV series. A gangster family epic set in Birmingham, England which centres on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby who means to move up in the world. Written and created by Steven Knight. Stars Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson and Sophie Rundle.

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