Blood Hound*

Do OK at Spin. Here is graph:

You can see me with my instructor dressed as an elf in the attached photo.

Here is the fluffy monster four years ago today:

And a tree near the flat a year ago today:

Go with Mum to the Garden Centre to buy some more fat balls for the birds.

Go for a walk after lunch to visit the new underwear and swimwear shop in the village – Bravellous. Find a purple silk slip that I like but it’s £150 so I don’t buy it obviously.

I have been sleeping and then when I wake up, make a Facebook page for my Dogwalking and Petsitting called Happy Hounds. All I need now is more customers.

The parentals are going out tonight so am going to look after my fluffy and watch Peaky Blinders.

Am just going to have a bath first.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2013. By Tanya Landman. Book Nine in the Poppy Fields Mystery series starring dogwalker Poppy Fields.

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