Knit One, Kill Two*

Work hard at Spin today. Here is graph:

It is a High End Endurance class, which means keeping heart rate between seventy five and eighty five percent, which manage to do despite the severity of my cold. Cold actually isn’t as bad as it was, thank G-d, but am still congested and have headache due to the congestion.

Here I am:

Attached photo is with The Boss.

After Spin, go with Mum to the house of one of her friends to borrow a jigsaw as we have finished all our ones. We will start the new one once I’ve posted this. Then have a bath.

Current state of new scarf that am knitting after lots of Christmas television and knitting time:

The fluffy monster is lying around somewhere. Dad is somewhere between reading and dozing. Mum is doing The Times crossword.

It’s 4.51pm and it’s dark. On the plus side, the parentals are going to a party tonight so can watch whatever I want on the television and have the fluffy monster all to myself for cuddles and conversation.

Have just deleted and reinstalled WordPress and the being-unable-to-attach-photos problem has disappeared for the moment.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2005. By Maggie Sefton. A Knitting Mystery, Volume 1 starring Kelly Flynn. Set in Colorado.

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