A Royal Night Out*

How To Be Succesful On Instagram

  1. Follow lots of accounts and post in other people’s posts – engage with people.
  2. Follow hashtags eg #dogs, #fitness, #cats, #writing, #knitting.
  3. Post as often as possible: I try and post on there every day.

4. Post Stories: little videos of your day. I haven’t mastered this yet but some people I follow eg @esthercoren, @hannahgale, @lifewithmalamutes and @thenewfcrew do Stories every day.

5. Put lots of hashtags in your posts. Eg for a weightlifting one I’d do: #livelovelift #girlswholift #girlswholiftheavy #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitgirls #weightlifting #gym #personaltraining #sweatybetty #fitspo

Or for a dog one:

#newfoundland #newfoundlandsofinstagram #newfoundlanddog #newfie #newfies #newfiestagram #giantdogs #dogstagram #loveher #dogsifinstagram

6. Go on there every day and interact with people: leave messages for people whom you follow.

7. The most successful accounts (other than those of celebrities) are ones focused on a pet or family of pets, see @thenewfcrew or @lifewithmalamutes or @ricorico_rico. So if you have a pet and want to win on Instagram, make them an account and watch the followers come tumbling in…

8. Download Layout to make composite photos.

9. Make sure you have fun with it. Instagram is great fun.

Am back at the flat and have been sleeping. Have just had a chat with brother in Abroad. It’s 5.09pm and it’s dark out there.

Have realised something: it’s possible that my photos don’t attach when phone is in battery saver mode, so have turned that off.

Have clean sheets as Mum changed them when she brought me back here.

Here is my fluffy monster last night:

We spend some quality time together last night watching A Royal Night Out, which is fun but I’m sure not factually correct. In it, the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are allowed out on V.E. Day at night, slip their minders and have a raucous and unlikely night out in the fleshpots of Soho and suchlike. Elizabeth even has a romance with an airman who has gone AWOL.

Work hard at Spin this morning but maybe because of my cold, graph is not very impressive:

Am going to post this and then watch my television I think. Have deleted the things that I recorded but have already seen at the parentals.

You can see my Spin outfit in the attached photo.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2015. Feature film starring Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Emily Watson and Rupert Everett. Written by Trevor de Silva and Kevin Hood. Directed by Julian Jarrold.

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