Taken At The Flood*

It starts raining just after we pose for these photos:

We get completely soaked. It turns out that my black coat is not waterproof. Have just purchased some waterproofing spray from Amazon so let’s hope that works.

Am up at seven o’clock as I have training at 8.30am, before Dolly, see attached photo. Manage to fall off the cross trainer, turning over my left ankle Again – that’s the third time I’ve injured it now!

It is lovely to see my Dolly, have missed her, but we get caught in quite a downpour so I deliver her home very wet.

Meeting new client tomorrow: 11 week old Shih Tzu, so a very small person.

Am drinking Diet Coke and have hung the washing on the airer.

Have made yet another New Year’s Resolution to read for at least an hour per day. Manage it yesterday but also watch Six Hours of Feud – excellent – which wrap up this morning. It’s on BBC iplayer. Urge you to watch it – it’s really wonderful.

Right had better go and read my book.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1948. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel set in 1946.

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