A Caribbean Mystery*

Do OK at first Spin for a while. Here is graph:

Spin outfit is in attached photo.

Then have new client, a twelve week old Shih Tzu puppy . She is very sweet. Here she is:

Cuddle her, play with her and give her her lunch. She weighs half as much as my fluffy monster. She is very sweet and her coat is so soft.

Have been sleeping. Now it’s 5.41pm. Am sitting with Mum and writing this.

The fluffy monster is sleeping on my brother’s bed. Let’s go and have a look for him.

Found him. Here he is:

Parentals were going out for dinner tonight but have decided to stay at home and watch A Caribbean Mystery with me,which is on at eight o’clock. Will knit along with Miss Marple!

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1964. By Agatha Christie. The tenth Miss Marple detective novel, set in the Caribbean.

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