Towards Zero*

Going out for dinner with my chums later so just scribbling this quickly.

Bad dreams again last night and wake up early and read for an hour. Really recommend the Somerset Maugham biography by Selina Hastings if you’re interested in him or in reading biographies – it’s excellent.

Am happy to be having a break from Proper Writing as can read some big biographies that have been saving: don’t read much when am writing as don’t want to lose my Voice, although if I could write like Selina Hastings that would be no bad thing. I lack the motivation to deal with a large, meaty book when writing own stuff, but am really enjoying reading at the moment.

Work hard at Pilates – see attached outfit photo. Because of my hypermobility am excellent at Pilates. Sometimes feel that am cheating but am not – just have a talent for it, which is nice. Have to be careful not to injure self by stretching too much though.

It’s 5.43pm and it’s dark. Do my Body Scan Meditation earlier but can’t sleep.

Watch Towards Zero last night and even though remember who the murderer is, it’s still good. It is one of my favourite Agatha Christie adaptations, even though Miss Marple is inserted into it whereas she doesn’t appear in the book.

In some good news, I see that Ed Westwick has been deleted from the new BBC adaptation of Ordeal By Innocence and his scenes are being reshot so we will be able to see it eventually. He has been accused of sexual assault by some people. Have been annoyed that we didn’t get to see it at Christmas as promised but am glad that it is coming soon.

Right, had better start getting ready to go out.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1944. By Agatha Christie. Book 5 in the Superintendent Battle detective novel series, but Miss Marple added for the 2008 television dramatisation.


  1. Christopher · January 15, 2018

    Another biography favourite is Hermione Lee’s Virginia Woolf 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • waternymph88 · January 15, 2018

      I read that years ago and went to a lecture by her at Oxford. Love her 💕


      • Christopher · January 16, 2018

        I knew her a bit about ten years ago when I taught at New College for a couple of terms

        Liked by 1 person

      • waternymph88 · January 16, 2018

        Lucky you! 😍


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