Wake up at 6.30am after Bad Dreams again and read book for an hour. Is all very exciting: it’s Maugham has been spying in Geneva and Russia, written Ashenden and The Painted Veil and most surprisingly is married with a small child.

Nancy Mitford has arrived – yay!

So has this for New Chap. Will read it on the plane so we can discuss it:

Make it to the gym this morning and do some weights on own. Trainer has flu and is ill in bed and has been for days. It’s good to lift some weights. Here is today’s outfit:

Rush back to the flat and finish packing. Decide at the last minute to take the over-the-knee boots and a couple of dresses so will need to repack a bit as boots stuffed in top of case rather than where they should be on the bottom. Also will need to take some clothes out. Case is too full. As usual.

Mum picks me up at noon and we come back here where the fluffy monster is whimpering for more food. He is not pleased not to be fed on demand but at least he plays in the garden till three o’clock. He’s behind the sofa now sleeping.

Am going to post this now and try and fit in some television and knitting before supper.

Attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1928. By W. Somerset Maugham. Collection of loosely linked stories partly based on the author’s experience as a British intelligence agent in Geneva and Russia during the First World War. A wonderful book. Filmed as Secret Agent directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1936. Stars John Gielgud, Madeleine Carroll, Robert Young and Peter Lorre.

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